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We think Social Pottery is a great way to bring people together – and lots of people agree. In the past year we’ve hosted more than 50 team events for people like Google, ITV, Nestle and Facebook. Let us know your budget and we can tailor a package for you – we can even incorporate your brand’s identity! Either join us in our studio, let us come to you or dial in virtually – whatever you choose, we promise it’ll be memorable.

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At our studios

We've got plenty of space to get your group together and put on something special. We can personalise every aspect of the session - we can even theme it around your brand. Just chat to us. 

Online events

Get a group of 8 or more together and enjoy our online pottery experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Everything you need is provided in our Social Pottery Kits that’ll be delivered to you ahead of time. !

Off site event

We’ll come along and tailor our pottery painting service to suit your get together. It’s a great way to bring a little extra fun to your occasion. 

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Pottery painting

Get creative and paint a bisque (that's what we call pottery before it's decorated). We can help you pick something that's right for your budget.


Pottery Making

If you want your group to get their hands dirty, we'll show you how to sculpt and decorate something beautiful using our  air-dry clay kit.


Bespoke workshop

If there's something particular you've got in mind that best suits your brand or event, let us know. Need a little inspo? Chat to us!


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